Promoting the Use of Technology in Education

Students Learn Better With Technology!

Internet Access

When students have access to the internet, it gives them access to the world and greatly enhances learning overall. This has been proven in multiple studies. Internet access in schools enables:

  • A higher level of education

  • Communication with other students

  • Faster access to learning materials

  • Increased collaboration

Computer-Based Lectures

Having computers in the classroom and accessible to students on campus makes it easier for students to acess the internet and do a variety of other tasks including submitting homework online and streaming lectures and educational videos.

  • Computers increase productivity

  • They all for streaming of lectures

  • Save paper in terms of textbooks

  • Help students broaden their horizons

Technical Learning

Delivering educational content over the internet using PCs, tablets, and smartphones helps students to engage in technical learning which is superior to traditional learning in a variety of ways.

  • It saves textbooks and paper

  • Information is More Accessible

  • Information can be access from anywhere

  • Distribution of information is cheaper

Electronic Books

Instead of using printed textbooks, students can enjoy a variety of advantages by using electronic textbooks. This includes

  • Faster searching of Information

  • Ease of reading

  • Saving on paper and the environment

  • Lower cost

The Cyber Education Initiative: Helping Educators Understand the Importance Of Using Technology In Schools and In the Classroom

Times have changed and with all of the technology that's upon us can have a dramatic effect on the learning capability of students and classrooms. The Cyber Education Initiative's mission is to help educators undstand the importans of technology in schools.


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